About Lornah

‘Today’s girls are tomorrow’s mothers. The future of our beautiful nation lies in their hands. The better we educate them, the stronger they will become, the more promising the future will be. Their future, the future of Africa. Someday, our girls will have children of their own and pass on what we taught them. There will be less poverty, less hunger, less HIV. A better life comes with education. That is my dream. My legacy to the people of Africa. My legacy to the world.’

Jebiwott Lornah Kiplagat (1974) is a Dutch athlete with Kenyan roots. Born and raised in a small town in Kenya, she fought to become the world class athlete she is today with many national and international titles to her name. Growing up in Kenya she experienced the inequality between boys and girls in education. Aside from establishing the High Altitude Training Centre and creating her own brand of sportsclothing, she has made it her goal to enable girls in Kenya to participate in sports and education.

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