Together with two leading Kenyan universities a new highschool curriculum will be developed. This curriculum will include vital subjects like sports, hygiene, ICT and entrepreneurship; subjects needed for a safer and healthier life and to enable participation in modernized society. The curriculum will be offered to every girls’ school in Kenya. Schools that adopt the curriculum will be given the Lornah Kiplagat label and all girls in these school will be able to apply for admission to the Lornah Kiplagat Sports Academy.


Mens sana in corpore sano; A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Sport does not only make for a healthier life but it gives students self-confidence and teaches them how to work together to achieve their goals.


One of the most vital skills for preventing disease is personal hygiene. That is why it is crucial to implement this skill in our curriculum. We want to teach children the importance of hygiene, how diseases are spread and how to prevent this.


In Kenyan countryside ICT is slowly developing. For the future women of this country it is of great importance to know their way around modern technology for – among other things – communication, seeking information and banking.


Knowledge is power. But what will empower the women of tomorrow even more is knowing how to use that knowledge to set up their own business. Making your business – small or large – a success is an essential skill.